In a world in which languages play a vital role, Versión Original Traducciones offers you the necessary tools for breaking the language barriers in today’s market, offering its customers translation and interpreting services.

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The Tower of Babel, the origin of the existence of the different languages:

Defined as a stairway between Heaven and Earth, the Tower of Babel appears in the Book of Genesis, where it is narrated how the people, gathered together on the plain of Shinar, following the Flood, decided to build a huge tower. Yahve, on seeing what they were trying to do, put a stop to their plans "confusing their languages" o that the workers could not communicate with one another. As the builders were incapable of working together, they abandoned their enterprise and the people were dispersed over the face of the earth.
The unfinished tower and the city built around it were called Babel or Babylon.

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